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Transform Your Skin: The Remarkable Benefits of Dermal Fillers

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Annette Brooks

Wrinkles and fine lines are common nuisances that come with aging, but most people don’t realize that facial volume loss can often be the culprit. At Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa, we offer dermal fillers to address this type of volume loss and help you achieve the symmetry and fullness you have always wanted in certain parts of your face. What are dermal fillers, though, and what benefits can you expect from them?

What Are Dermal Fillers? Types of Dermal Fillers, Their Uses, and Benefits

Dermal fillers, also called cosmetic fillers or injectable fillers, are cosmetic injectables that can help bring fullness to the treatment area, lifting and smoothing the skin to help diminish signs of aging. You may have heard a lot of talk about collagen and elastin in relation to aging. These two proteins are essential for keeping your skin hydrated and firm, among many other functions. 

However, as you pass your 20s and enter your 30s, the production of these proteins decreases. This decrease causes you to lose volume in your face, leading your skin to become thinner and looser. Dermal fillers can help with:

  • Adding volume to sagging skin
  • Smoothing wrinkles 
  • Bringing symmetry to your face
  • Plumping up lips
  • Adding fullness to cheeks

The most popular types of dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid in your body that keeps your skin hydrated and gives it volume. Like collagen and elastin, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases as you age. Brands of dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid that we turn to at our medical spa include Juvéderm and Restylane.

At our medical spa, we also offer Radiesse, which functions a bit differently than injectable fillers made with hyaluronic acid. Radiesse contains calcium hydroxylapatite, stimulating the production of collagen. The results of Radiesse typically last longer than those of other dermal fillers. 

Sculptra is another option we offer. Like Radiesse, it is an injectable biostimulator, but Sculptra relies on Poly-L-lactic acid. This substance helps your body create more collagen and can be an excellent option for treating deep wrinkles. Even better, Sculptra results can last up to two years. 

The best candidates for any of these facial fillers are people who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations. If you are allergic to any of the components of facial fillers, are pregnant or nursing, or have skin infections, you may not be eligible for these injectables. 

Benefits of Dermal Fillers: Why They Are So Popular

One of the benefits of dermal fillers is they are minimally invasive. Unlike more complex procedures, like facelifts, you don’t have to worry about anesthesia or a hospital stay. With just a few injections, you can enjoy more volume and smoother skin.

Cosmetic fillers also do not require a long recovery period. Not everyone can take time off from work to heal after a surgical procedure. With cosmetic fillers, you can get right back to your day. The process of getting dermal fillers is quick, eliminating the need for long appointments that interfere with your daily life. 

Most dermal fillers offer results that last longer than what neuromodulators provide. If you want to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, opting for dermal fillers can help you enjoy results for up to two years, depending on the type of filler you choose. 

Because cosmetic fillers also stimulate your natural production of collagen, they help you achieve results that get better with time. Dermal fillers can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to enhance how you look. They are excellent parts of a non-surgical facelift, helping you get more volume and symmetry in various treatment areas. 

The Process of Getting Dermal Fillers: How to Begin

To know if you’re a good candidate for dermal fillers, we will schedule a consultation, where we will ask you about your medical history, what medications you take, and what your goals are. If you have gotten dermal fillers before, tell us what your experience was like.

There isn’t much you have to do to prepare for the injections, but we do ask that you stop taking blood thinners and avoid alcohol for a few days before your appointment. You should also stay out of the sun and not schedule any other procedures right before fillers so that your skin is not overly sensitive. 

During the appointment, we will clean your face, apply a topical anesthetic, and then begin the injections. The process can take just a few minutes, though it may take up to an hour if you want to treat many different areas. 

Results: How Long Do the Benefits of Dermal Fillers Last?

Recovering from dermal fillers is a breeze. You can use ice packs but do not rub or massage the injection sites for at least a few hours after the procedure. 

Many people start seeing results almost immediately. But how long do dermal fillers last? Depending on the specific dermal filler, you can enjoy the results for at least six months. Some, like Sculptra, offer results that last up to two years. 

Bring Youthful Facial Volume Back 

With dermal fillers, you can enjoy the fullness and smoothness you remember from your younger years without having to go through invasive procedures. With components your body naturally makes, and that can jumpstart collagen production, you get results that look natural. 

If you want to try dermal fillers, you can turn to us at Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa in Cypress, TX. Contact us right now to learn more about our options.